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My personal fic recs 
30th-Oct-2007 08:00 pm
Captain America
So, yeah, I am gonna do that too. It's not like I haven't done it already because the recs have always been in my sidebar but I just wanted to make them a little bit more visible. So here ya go. I will rec every fic, no matter if short or long, one chapter or many, J2 or Wincest or something else, just everything I come across and loved to bits. Yeah, that's basically it. Something I loved reading and would read over and over again if I would have the time to (but believe me, there are certainly a couple or more of stories I just forgot of reccing here because I am forgetable like that and I am sorry). If you have recs for me, leave a comment. I, at least, start reading everything but I can't promise I'll finish. If I don't like a story, I just don't like it, no point in wasting my time reading it. But I am happy about every rec I get because by reading some recs I found the most awesome stories ever. Enough with the rambling already. :D Here are my recs with title, writer and the summary if available.

AU RPS:Monogatari by winterlive
Summary: in short, in sum this story answers the question, what if Jensen and Jared were Samurai.

RPS:Maybe This by nu_breed
Summary: LA may be the place that dreams are made of, but it's cold and lonely when you're a Texas boy with a secret. Jensen's a closeted actor on the verge of making it and Jared's the hooker who's seen it all. What kind of fairytale ending can they hope for in a town that puts a price on everything?

AU RPS:The Hour Before Dawn by kashmir1
Summary: Jensen and Jared, both New York City police officers, are assigned to the case of a string of murdered prostitutes. As they delve deeper and deeper into the underbelly of the city, the case not only threatens their relationship but their lives.

AU RPS:Faint Stars and Bright Satellite Skies by marishna
Summary: It's a story made for Hollywood- a chance encounter between a regular, down-to-earth guy with his whole life planned out for him without a second thought and a well-known, popular movie star turns into something far bigger than either man could ever anticipate. Neither Jared Padalecki nor Jensen Ackles expect or want the complications that arise in their lives from their fast friendship - especially when it develops into something neither expected. While Jared accepts and tries to deal with his growing feelings for his famous friend, Jensen fights it every step of the way until his strictly controlled life, hidden behind a public persona, spins out of control.

AU RPS:Last Stop: Chicagoland by phaballa
Summary: But Jensen came home after a show and it was two in the morning, it was a Saturday night and Jared waited up for him. He was just sitting there, grinning, and Jensen knew. Anne was pregnant. Knocked up. In the family way. It was done. Anne was going have their kid. It wasn't until that moment that Jensen started freaking out. Jensen and Jared are married with kids. Not an AU.

AU SPN:Spark by beatperfume
Summary: Dean Collins is a regular Chicago firefighter. Then he meets Sam, a mysterious guy who introduces him to a world he never knew existed. You can't run from the past, even if you've forgotten what it is.

AU RPS:Deviant Ways by fiesty_red
Summary: In the city of Little Rock, a murder case arises like no other. Homicide detectives Jared Padalecki and Eve Mitchell are on the job, determined as ever to find the killer that eludes them every time. Each murder follows a specific, gruesome pattern, and they are the most shocking and violent the city has ever witnessed. The killer is arrogant and showcases it all like a demented game he knows he can win. However, it was never intended for one of the victims to escape.

AU RPS:Louder Than Words Verse by splashpink

AU RPS:In Service by phantisma
Summary: The world is a different place and young Jensen Ackles is the son of Lord and Lady Ackles, born into a world of privilege. Jared Padalecki is not so fortunate...to provide for his family, Jared was sold into Service at a very young age.
Warnings: References to non-con and slavery. Violence.

AU RPS:In Noble Pursuit (Sequel to In Service) by phantisma

SPN:Keeper!Verse by phantisma
Summary: This is a complete AU. On the night that Mary Winchester dies, Sam is taken. Both John and Dean assume he died in the fire with Mary. Sam is raised by a family that serves the Demon who killed Mary. Sam is brutalized and tormented and raised to be a monster. Then, one night in Palo Alto, he meets Dean. This is where the story begins.

AU SPN:Broken!Verse by phantisma
Summary: This is dark, angsty, psychological stuff. It involves rape and torture, and a violence even darker that most Supernatural stuff. There is evil here that has nothing to do with the supernatural...and there are consequences. The verse got it's name because there isn't a single character involved that doesn't get broken at least a little, and the three Winchesters? Shattered. It's rated NC-17 because even when there isn't sex or violence there is the memory of sex and violence as well as it's aftermath.

AU RPS:"What If..." Series by deviant_dev

RPS:You Might Have To Crawl (Even After You Walk) by deviant_dev and liquid_nitrogen
Summary: Jared is a Massage Therapist, known for his healing techniques in cases of temporary paralysis. Jensen is a Broadway dancer who needs more than just physical healing after he suffers a life-altering accident.

AU SPN:Look What Love Has Done by laminy
Summary: Sam/Dean Mpreg

AU RPS:Slow is Smooth (and Smooth is Steady) by splashpink
Summary: Hollywood golden boy Jared Padalecki and disgraced marine Jensen Ackles are from different worlds. When Jensen is hired to protect the actor, sparks fly.

AU RPS:Deathknell!Verse by beanside and nilchance
Summary: This is an RPS Post Apocalyptic AU, set 50+ years in the future.
Warnings: References to non-con and slavery. Violence.

And going over this list I realized I might a tiny little thing for AU stories, just really teeny tiny. Nothing to worry about. Nope. Nothing at all.

To be continued
30th-Oct-2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for this list. I'm always looking for great fic to read. I haven't been reading fic for all that long, so this list is a HUGE help.

Also, just wanted to tell you I could stare at your Header for hours! I think it's one of the best headers I've seen around.
30th-Oct-2007 11:55 pm (UTC)
well, you're welcome then. I do love rec's and thanks to them I've read some of the most awesome stories ever. like the last rec I posted? never heard of that story before although they started posting back in February. I just came across due to a rec. and it's such a great story. read all there was in not even 24 hours and just wanted more. so yeah...you're more than welcome. glad I can help

as for the header...I just picked the pics, nyaubaby deserves all the honor. and you made me laugh with you comment about it.

have you been able to sort our your LJ probs? just read about it and hope everything is back to normal
30th-Oct-2007 11:58 pm (UTC)
forgot something. if you wanna read really long and completed stories, you really should go to either spn_j2_bigbang or spn_harlequin or reel_spn
there are great stories and I guess I read most of them. just a thought
31st-Oct-2007 01:30 am (UTC)
Yeah, I got them sorted out. Still having trouble with LJ not sending me my replys...again. I don't know whats wrong with it. Maybe it's a hotmail problem. Sucks.

oooh and I really love nyaubabys work. It's amazing and I'm still staring at it. *sighs*

Loves being a Dean/Jensen girl.

Thanks for the community links, saving to check out.
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